Give The Gift Of Declaration

Randall Davey

 What is a declaration? By definition, it is the beginning of a state or condition. Think, for example, of a declaration of war. It is an admission of intent to initiate engagement with another nation through violence. The declaration informs thinking (strategy) and action (military engagement). 

How do declarations work in our daily lives? Consider this case study. 

Case Study – A dentist never felt up to the challenge of running a practice, working chairside and, at the same time, caring for his family. Work-life balance was a joke. Though he didn’t say it to anyone in particular, he frequently listened to the narrative in his own head. “I’m a lousy husband. I’m not a very good parent. I’m a lousy businessperson. I’m not a great practitioner.” That’s the station to which he listened in the morning, throughout the day and when he pillowed his head at night. In reality, he was right. He lived into his self-declarations and thus reaped the inevitable outcomes of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and fragile relationships at home and work. What are his options? What are your options? Consider one “do” and two “don’ts.” 

  1. Do pay attention to what you declare to yourself and anyone around you. 
    • I am healthy and daily eat nutritious food. 
    • I am competent, informed and always improving. 
    • I make great spending decisions for the short and long run. 
  2. What we think, we become. Anonymous
  3. Do not define yourself by yesterday’s behavior but by how you want to behave. 
    • After a confrontation gone badly, declare “I am adept in handling confrontation.” 
    • After being told you listen to react, declare “I listen to learn.” 
    • After failing to meet a direct expectation, declare “I exceed expectations.” 
  4. I am today what I established yesterday. James Joyce 
  5. Don’t declare how you feel about yourself; rather, declare who you intend to be. 
    • I am a physically fit, exercise frequently and eat healthy meals. 
    • I am competent, capable, gracious, and professional. 
    • I am financially fit, and I execute on a well-defined financial strategy. 
    • I think, therefore I am. Rene Descartes, 1637. 

Write out your declarations, recite them every morning and become them. 

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