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We educate, advise and coach clients to co-create a strategy towards fulfilling their purpose for money.

The Guide Process

  1. We host a ‘Discovery’ meeting during which we listen to understand what’s important to our clients.  We get a high-level feel for the assets in play and the purpose for each in-place strategy, product, and plan as well as corresponding goals.

  2. The second and third sessions are entitled “Financial Time Horizons.”  The focus here is on the characteristics and accessibility of short-term, mid-term and long-term money. 

  3. The fourth and fifth sessions are called “Academic, a.k.a. Scientific Investing.”  In the first session, we expose investors to competing philosophies of investing using comparisons and contrasts. The second session is devoted to an analysis of existing portfolios with a bent toward exposing, fees all-in, overlapping assets, turnover costs, diversification and standard deviation.

  4. The sixth session may include the introduction to E-Money, a web-based organizational tool of particular value to investors within ten years of retirement.

  5. The final session, Applied Academics, usually centers on Implementation.

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