Root Canals, Migraines or Meetings, You Choose

Randall Davey

 Do you think of meetings as necessary evils, a poor use of time, or as potentially transformative experiences? Is it possible for most meetings to be life-giving, mission-central and enriching? No one really wants to attend an event where “minutes are kept but hours are lost” [unknown]. 

Create the possibility of a transformational gathering by embracing the following steps: 

  1. Write and make known the principle purpose of the meeting, and the desire outcomes. 
  2. Don’t meet to meet, and don’t meet simply because it’s on the calendar. 
  3. Dispatch the meeting road-map [talking points] in advance.i 
  4. Be on time, start on time and end on time. 
  5. Start the meeting with bold declarations:
    • This department is charged with raising friends and funds for the university. 
    • This year, we will raise $___________. 
    • This team consists of highly effective [ministry partners], donor reps … 
    • We seize the opportunity to steward our time more effectively, engage in more meaningful conversations, and solicit financial gifts on which the future of the university rests. 
    • We are grateful for and passionate about our work and those we serve. 
    • Should any of us reach the point that we are not “all in,” early adopters, and eager to work in concert for the purpose of the mission, we will make space for another to take our place. 
  6. Acknowledge team members who are on point or exceeding expectations.
    • I especially want to highlight Bubba. He has exceeded his quota and raised the bar.
    • I want to thank Bubbess for quickly adjusting to the changing environment and scheduling an unprecedented 50 appointments.
    • Both of you are setting the standard for which I am grateful.
  7. Ask each team member what they need to fulfill on their ethical commitment to the U. 
  8. Close with clear achievement expectations by the next meeting. 

Hell [Definition] an unnecessary meeting that lasts for an eternity.

Eric Darr 

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i This is particularly valuable for participants who do not think on their feet. 

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