Selling or Serving

Randall Davey

 The financial services industry is teeming with salespeople whose job is to peddle financial products to consumers. Most representatives are trained to prospect, pitch and close, dismantle objections and secure the sale. However, the late John Bogle, founder of the Vanguard Fund and author of The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism (Yale University Press, 2005), decried the intersection of sales and financial services where products are sold in silos, divorced from a comprehensive plan. 

There are other advisors, however, who embrace a different model: one of serving, not selling. They engage a client to serve by listening, teaching, coaching and problem solving. Here are a few of the differences between classically trained advisors and servant-leader-advisors. 

Servant-leader-advisors are, first and foremost, empathetic, therapeutic listeners. Their goal is to understand whether a client is driven by fear, greed, or purpose. They listen for the “why” behind every asset the client owns and are eager to understand the ways in which financial products, plans and strategies align with the client’s purpose in life. 

Second, they are analyst-teachers. They don’t offer baseless assessments or opinions that are not grounded in research and knowledge. Instead, they gather every data point essential to a comprehensive financial plan before trying to solve a financial problem. They especially value client education, encouraging investors to read, participate in webinars and learn the nuances of their plan. This is never truer than when they teach personalized, holistic investing. 

Third, they are coaches. It’s widely known that the big risk to any retirement plan is the investor. Investors tend to get restless and change strategies frequently, then suffer the results. A good coach will help a client understand why holding to a sound strategy is in her or his best interest. 

Fourth, they are collaborators. They are humble enough to know they don’t know everything. They gladly work with other professionals to deliver the best holistic care possible. 

So, the members of our team do not sell financial products. We provide financial products to support a purpose-driven plan for life and money. 

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