The Grace Of Transformational Leadership

Randall Davey

 Transformational leaders may be some of the more powerful people in the world. They understand the art of accomplishing significant things through the teams they recruit, train, inspire, and deploy. 

Transformational leaders possess the courage and grace to have crucial conversations with key personnel, ensuring everyone on the team is on the right bus and in the right seat, aligned with the organization’s mission. They are equally committed to helping persons who aren’t on the right bus to find new opportunities. 

Transformational leaders demonstrate grace, honor, and respect for their team, and look for opportunities to esteem them as persons, celebrating their successes. They view periodic fails as learning experiences from which the entire team can benefit. 

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”

Sam Walton 

Transformational leaders focus more on mentoring (coaching) than managing. While managers tend to concentrate on activity reports and internal accountabilities, transformational leaders center on professional development plans. They invest in personnel as the organization’s most valued assets. 

Transformational leaders over communicate time-driven expectations and underscore by when they expect projects and tasks to be completed and the methods by which they want plans to be executed. They are equally quick to inspect what they expect. 

Transformational leaders listen deeply to their team members, following up by asking probing questions to identify anything obstructing a staff member’s fulfillment of the mission. When team members “hit a wall,” the transformational leader coaches to the solution instead of providing the solution. 

Transformational leaders are vision-mission centric, creating rapid-response teams, able to respond to changing circumstances, times, and opportunities. 

Transformational leaders appreciate a healthy work-life balance and reward those who exemplify it. And they possess the power to change organizations, change culture, and change the world. May their tribe increase. 

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